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Weekly horoscope (Aug. 10-16)



Leo The Lion (July 22-Aug. 22)

Much of this week will feel as though you are holding the reins on a bucking bull. Do your best to give yourself and others plenty of space to manage things for themselves. This is a good time to communicate your affection to those you love. Let them know how much you care.

For All Signs: We have multiple challenging aspects this week, involving Uranus, Pluto, Venus and the Sun. Given that Mercury continues to be retrograde, this time will be laden with efforts that are totally out of sync. They will either move too fast, too slow, or in some way disconnected with the other events that are happening. Individuals, Congress, and countries will all be on edge and find it difficult to agree on a win-win path of progress. We need to understand this jerky sort of energy is all around us, so we can relax and let go of the struggle to force conclusions. Nothing is moving forward. Even if it seems to do so, a change in direction will follow.

Aries: The Powers that Be in your career life are definitely in charge. Progress can be made only through persuasion and even that may not help. Don't succumb to anger or you will have lost your case entirely. You could be tempted to displace your anger onto others. You know that is not fair or productive. Peel yourself off the wall and wait for a better moment.

Taurus: A romantic involvement may blow up before your very eyes. The clues have been there for awhile, but the development seems really sudden. Those of you with children will have your hands full of rebellious and unexpected behavior. Some begin a day or night of fun, only to have it turn sour on you. Make sure you have your own transportation.

Gemini: This is not a good time to make decisions because your objectivity is poor. It is hard for you to see the big picture. You might be prone to make impulsive moves. Contain yourself and avoid purchasing vehicles or computers until the Mercury Retrograde is over at the end of August.

Cancer: You and your partner may be waging battle over a security issue. Don't get rough because your partner (or other) can pull rank on you and a seething resentment may develop. Remain alert and fully conscious of your surroundings, especially if you happen to be in a questionable area.

Virgo: Most of this week will be quiet and routine. You may have time to think, to finish old projects, and to do generally what pleases you. Your mind needs a break, so if you can find household activities, gardening, or physical projects, it will be restful and pleasant.

Libra: Social, marital and family life may be wild and woolly this week. Character roles: 1) Partner or significant other breaking for freedom, rebellion. 2) A family member who demands perfection. 3) Your ego that wants recognition and respect. You might play any or all of these roles inside your head and have a grand argument with yourself. Have a sense of humor.

Scorpio: You could become embroiled in a battle of wills over who is right. In order to steer clear of a war, remain aware that the subject matter is merely what you think, not who you are. You have the controlling word in any battle. Use it ethically and don't blow away your opponent. Drive carefully.

Sagittarius: August in general, and more specifically this week and next, is clearly a good time for a vacation. Even if you don't plan a formal trip, life will move along at a leisurely pace. Travel will likely be to one or more places that you have visited in the past. You may receive good news concerning educational or legal interests.

Capricorn: You may be so bent on accomplishing something or getting your needs met that you roll over everyone around you. This is a sample of Pluto's power in your sign. Concentrate on the issues at hand and do not set up a battleground over egos or no one will win. You have a hot topic there. It may be more workable later.

Aquarius: The full moon is in your sign on Saturday. Over the weekend, information comes your way concerning your primary relationship. On a full moon the night is bright and revelations are forthcoming because less is hidden by the shadows. Drive carefully. Your reflexes may be a bit off.

Pisces: The next 10 days flow easily and peacefully. It would be a fine time for a vacation. Your routine is smooth and you may be surprised that you have more leisure time than you expect. If you are involved in the pursuit of knowledge, your resources are easy to find and assimilate. Career is favored now.

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