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Weekly horoscope (April 7-14)

Self-discipline is key



For All Signs: The planet Mars is parallel to Saturn and will be so through the month of June. Their coming together represents a debate between polarities: action vs. stasis, hot vs. cold, spontaneity vs. containment, individual needs vs. the collective. It presents a challenge to initiation of new projects. One foot is on the accelerator while the other is on the brake. This alignment urges us to develop the self-discipline and groundwork needed to become a courageous warrior for our personal or collective causes. Less positively, when the energies are right for war in the world or strife within a relationship, this parallel can augur the spark.

Aries: You have a long term goal to create something important involving new education, developing a website, legal and/or religious matters. Know that the result will take longer than you expect. Think carefully about the foundation on which you will build. Now is the time to strengthen your prerequisite actions.

Taurus: Make it a point to remain objective and stand aside from over-reacting to slights. You could be feeling a pain that comes from long ago rather than what is right in front of you. That is what causes you to over-react now. Avoid contracts and business negotiations at this time because misunderstandings may develop.

Gemini: Negative attitudes or habit patterns of thought may be your undoing this week. Reach beyond them, question your mind, for a meditative place that gives answers to serious questions and encouragement from your source. Avoid signing contracts at this time because it is possible your thinking is skewed.

Cancer: You may not be feeling quite comfortable with yourself this week. It appears your mind is in conflict with your feelings. Do the best you can to deal with this issue up front, perhaps by journaling or discussing it with a friend. Keep in mind that it is not a mandate for you to settle on a decision right now.

Leo: You have felt handicapped by the powers that be. Perhaps it has been related to your job or your health. You likely are experiencing the last straw, the one that causes you to make a dramatic change in your life direction. Wrench yourself free of a tyrant, even if that tyrant is your own obsession. You have the strength to do so now.

Virgo: There are challenges this week related to home, hearth and family of origin. It is possible there is a legal component as well. You could be studying on what must be done with the "old" things or people from your history. Tradition is in conflict with the contemporary as you make decisions. You can manage this.

Libra: For any number of reasons, circumstances may leave you out of the social loop this week. Astrologically this is a time for self-reflection and not self-condemnation. Having a quiet week is appropriate at this time. Don't turn this into a negative belief about yourself. Take the opportunity to enjoy the time to be still.

Scorpio: Prepare for a period of scarcity between now and the end of June. This could be due to debt or lack of income. Make every effort to not indebt yourself further. You will need your savings for back up. Otherwise you must work extra hours to manage your resources. Many will have seen this time coming and have already prepared.

Sagittarius: Please note the lead paragraph because this phenomenon is occurring in your sign. You may be expecting to start a big project this month. The beginning is fraught with potential errors. Move carefully and check your work for errors along the way. It is especially important to prevent or correct mistakes in the beginning. If you don't, later you may have to unravel the whole project back to this point.

Capricorn: Your natural energy and drive is slowing, for reasons known or unknown to you. It will do little good to beat yourself up over this issue. Consider that Mars is asking you to slow down, just for two or three months. Your body needs a rest, so try to slow the pace. There may be detours and rocks in the road now. Things will return to normal.

Aquarius: You may need to concentrate in order to avoid critics, whether they are internal or external. Instead of blame, use the energy to tackle a project that requires concentration. Avoid contracts and business negotiations right now because misunderstandings may develop.

Pisces: You have your eye on the big picture and it looks grand indeed. Others follow your lead. A word of caution: your optimistic attitude and belief that you are right could cause you to become arrogant. If you want others to join your ride, give them a special place on the wagon. Share the glory and you won't end up alone during the ride.

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