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Weekly horoscope (April 6-12)



Aries The Ram (March 20-April 19)

This is not the best week for mechanical objects. Breakage or failures are highly possible. Your reflexes are strung too tightly, so make an effort to relax muscles and concentrate on steady but consistent forward motion. This is the advice whether driving the car or running a mile. Keep yourself as grounded as possible.

For All Signs: Mars, the god of war to the ancients, has just moved into the sign of Aries. It adds even more weight to the veritable hailstorm of planets that has already been in that territory. Aries is the sign that starts the annual vernal equinox and is considered the beginning of the zodiac. Given the planetary arrangements present, we have a serious setup that promises a lot of drama. "War" in any or all of its versions is prominent. It is explosive. This is "take no prisoners" type of energy. All of this has been developing since Jan. 1. We cannot control what is happening on the globe, but we can certainly contain ourselves within our relationships. Don't allow this setup to create an unnecessary destructive drama in your life if you can help it. Mars energy used well fights on behalf of others or a valuable principle.

Taurus: You are going through a major "worry wart" period. Roughly 95 percent of what we worry about never happens. But we can certainly use a lot of energy imagining how the lions and tigers may get loose and roam the streets. Rest/sleep may be elusive during this period. Use all the best sleep suggestions that you can find. Don't get into worrying over it. This will pass within a few weeks.

Gemini: Mercury has been retrograding in the Twins' territory that concerns friends, organizations and community contacts. You may be having difficulty bringing things to fruition or conclusion in any of these areas. You may feel a strong need to reconnect to people whom you have not seen in awhile. This will be good for you.

Cancer: Sudden changes in career may rock your world-view. This is also occurring in any area where you make a social contribution. Your crab side feels a major need to break through a shell that has become cramped. You are drawn into a political fray and you know this needs to happen.

Leo: Major changes are happening in the areas of the law, publishing, education, the church, the Internet and/or travel. Most of these are favorable. You are called upon to announce what you know, to give a speech or to teach others. Those with children or grandchildren have reason to be proud. Some may be interested in a new love.

Virgo: Mercury, your ruling planet, is retrograding in the territory of taxes, debt and joint resources. You will likely experience a need to go back and review financial history. Some may be hesitating over whether or not to become re-involved with a previous lover. Probably you won't resist, but the desire may become a moot point in May.

Libra: It probably seems as though everyone around you is flipping into outer space, losing control and ridden with major anxiety. Meanwhile, it falls to you to be the one who remains calm and steady. Fortunately with Saturn currently in your sign, you have the capacity to hold firm. Others need you to do this cosmically "assigned" job.

Scorpio: You may be in the middle of a major controversy. In fact, it is probable that you are among the leaders in a controversy at your job, school or normal daily habitat. The main danger here is that you could become ungrounded and lose track of your good sense. Stand still, deep breathe and sense the ground under your feet several times per day.

Sagittarius: There may be fresh news about a new child/grandchild entering the family. Some of you are thoroughly involved in a new love affair. Just don't move in together while Mercury is retrograding. Hold off until May. Many good things are happening and you feel joyous and optimistic.

Capricorn: It may seem to you that issues concerning home, family and property have grown to the point of being out of control. It is, as the adage says, like herding cats. Attempt to take one problem at a time, do what you can do, and then move on to the next. Don't allow the panic of others to overtake you.

Aquarius: Your world has taken on a new vibrancy and color. Areas that may excite you now are writing, traveling frequently on short distances, or starting a new course of study. You have been freed from required tasks so you can focus on new things in your life. It is possible you are adding a new roommate or a new car.

Pisces: There are many possibilities for making increased money. It seems as though they have just begun to occur in the most recent weeks. Some of them come from areas that are new to you. This is also a period of rapid learning, which includes the need to learn quite a lot in a short period of time. Much of this is enlivening.

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