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Subject: Robot Johnson. Charlotte's premier sketch comedy group is back with its irreverent humor. Creators A. Blaine Miller and Sean Keenan from the disbanded Charlotte comedy troupe The Perch are working together with some new cast members to bring their new troupe Robot Johnson to life. And Keenan is back performing his notorious Talking Baby act, in which he voices a foul-mouthed infant. Robot Johnson will perform Friday and Saturday nights at 8 and 10 p.m. beginning May 16 at Spirit Square; go to or for details.

Goal With Upcoming Show: "We want the show to be 100 percent good, because you can have five great sketches and one bad one, and it will take you 20 more good ones to make up for that one bad one." -- Keenan

Influences: "Kids in the Hall, the original cast of Saturday Night Live, and so many others. These are all acts that influence us and what we do." -- Miller and Keenan

Origin Of Talking Baby: "My inspiration came when I was really tired after rehearsals one night. I just saw this baby doll, so I picked it up and started asking, 'When are we gonna go the fuck home?' People laughed, and it kinda grew from there." -- Keenan

Choice Of Venue: "There is no way we are supposed to be performing at Spirit Square! This place was made for Shakespeare, and ballet, and here we come with our profanity-laced sketches and dick jokes. We're performing in a reformed church, for God's sake!" -- Miller

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