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Things CL loves about the Q.C.


Puckett's Farm Equipment is one of Charlotte's great live music venues. My first venture there was for the Cash Bash last weekend, but I know I'll be back. (Hey, I've only been in town for three weeks!) Aside from the good sound and people, the history in that place seeps through the walls ... or maybe that's the PBR. (2740 West Sugar Creek Road)

-- Jeff Hahne, music editor

Dowd YMCA. It's my reliable refuge from the woes of the world! It's a community experience that will leave you feeling alive and inspired! Tons of racquetball courts, revved up classes guaranteed to make you sweat, three floors of workout equipment and a spankin new, 5,000 sq. feet free weight room. I've only been a member for a few months, and it truly feels like home. (400 E. Morehead St.)

-- Ben Dulken, ad account executive

Copper, Modern Indian Cuisine. For the buffet, I like Situl Indian Restaurant located behind the Park Road Shopping Center. But for an elegant dining experience (either lunch or dinner) complete with the appropriate ambiance, this East Boulevard restaurant is hard to top. Plus, their chicken tikka masala is to die for. (311 East Blvd.)

-- Matt Brunson, A&E / film editor

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