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We Heart ...

Things CL loves about the Q.C.


Polished Nailbar. Mr. Lee is the best and funniest pedicurist in Charlotte! Also, Polished (across from Southend Brewery) is a great way to unwind after a hard day at the Loaf!

-- Amanda Williams, ad coordinator

Freedom Park. I grew up playing there and it's still virtually the same, except they took away My ROCKET! Anyway, it's a great place to walk the dog, take the kids, or just relax and remember what it was like when you were a kid. (1900 East Blvd.)

-- Branna Calloway, listings editor

Johnny Burrito. After a long night of relationship building/advertising rep appreciation nights with all of my bars and restaurants Uptown, I love to go there. Be sure to say "Un regular por favor." That will get you a steak or chicken burrito loaded any way you like it (301 S Tryon St. No. 55).

You're probably asking, how the hell do you find a place to park Uptown to eat? Well, that brings me to my second love in Charlotte: 30-minute loading zone parking. That's right folks -- free parking. Did I tell ya I was somewhat frugal? I absolutely love it.

-- Carl Tucker, ad account executive

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