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We Heart ...

Things CL loves about the Q.C.


The Evening Muse. Great atmosphere, cheap cover, FANTASTIC music! Joe & Lea do a wonderful job. The best listening room in town! (3227 N Davidson St.)

-- Cindy Gibson, classified account executive

Plaza Midwood. My little bungalow is seven minutes or less from work, NODA, Uptown, 7th Street and Home Depot. I can walk to my 'Teeter,' walk to get beer at Common Market and walk to unique dining including "The Bird," Dish, Lulu, Creation, Diamond Restaurant and John's Country Kitchen. Did I mention that my real estate is blowing up and that I can access I-74, I-277, I-77 and I-85 quicker than most can go a mile on I-485?

-- Chris Herring, marketing director

Loft 1523. It's one of the prettiest lounges in the city, and it boasts a great view of Charlotte. Once the temp outside increases a bit, I'll be hanging on the patio, like, every weekend. (1523 Elizabeth Ave.)

-- Carlton Hargro, CL's editor

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