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We Are The Pipettes

CD Review: The Pipettes



The Deal: Brit trio revisits Motown-era girl-pop.

The Good: There have been numerous retro-rock groups over the last decade or so, but few have gone for other genres in the retro way. While Amy Winehouse has gone a retro-soul route, The Pipettes take a hint of that and head toward a retro-pop road. The music is reminiscent of the old 50s and 60s girl groups that would sing about boys and falling in love. The trio – RiotBecki, Gwenno and Rosay – have solid harmonies, which is good since the focus of the album is on the singing, not the instrumentation. Many of the songs could be played on an oldies radio station and fit right in. Like Winehouse, the group has taken a familiar sound and tweaked it into a more modern sound.

The Bad: There are hints of cheese without being too over the top. It can start to sound a bit repetitive after a while, but they get credit for treading down a new path (back in time).

The Verdict: They aren't reinventing the wheel, they're just putting out a fun record. It's best in small doses.

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