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Waving your freak flag proudly at Snug Harbor's 'Shiprocked'


Come out of the closet ... wave your freak flag loud and proud for everyone to see. We all have a little freak or fetish in us. I admit, I'm a freak: I don't watch T.V. or take Western medicines, I mix Ranch and ketchup and dip just about everything in it, and I have a weird fear of birds of prey -- for starters.

If you drive through Plaza Midwood on a Thursday night you'll see a freak flag flying high on the Pirate Ship of PM: Snug Harbor.

Because every Thursday Snug Harbor has "Shiprocked" featuring the Go-Go Pirate Girly show. The glamorous gothic go-go girls include Baby Badger, Kat, Mighty Miss Whitie, the lovely Linny, Collette, Tank, Kaya and the resident drag queen Lilith DeVille, with occasional appearances from Bethamphetamine.

The girls are orchestrated by DJ Chaka (aka Scott Weaver) -- and apparently there's no cure for the Weaver fever ... as in the dance fever he spreads with his shock-and-rock beats.

Each week, Shiprocked packs the pirate ship bar, but it's not just about the booty ... of the go-go dancers. (Although Mighty Miss Whitie does have a rather famous booty.) I went last Thursday, and let me tell you -- this isn't your average go-go show. They had girls swinging from a trapeze, a Marilyn Monroe impressionist and Miss Whitie caused sparks ... literally. She was dancing with an electric circular saw and drilled it across her metal bustier, creating so many sparks I found myself scouring the place for the closest fire extinguisher (just in case).

Meanwhile, Linny, the show opener (and stopper) reminded me of Dita Von Teese. The sultry songstress has that burlesque-esque, pin-up-girl thing going on. And, after the show, everyone got to take a whack at a piñata in the shape of a pirate ship.

Shiprocked attracts a diverse crowd in addition to the Snug Harbor regulars (the pirates of PM, if you will). The goth, grunge, granola, glam and geeks alike all wave their freak flags in harmony.

May I suggest utilizing this opportunity to break out your freak flag from the closet and bring it out to play next Thursday. Or, you can leave it at home -- your call, as long as you come out.

But if that doesn't float your boat (pun intended), Snug Harbor also has Country Tuesdays Mac & Cheese cook-off. It could get ugly ... I mean, yummy.

You can also see freak flags flying at Amos' when it hosts Purgatory parties. Actually, they don't just wave the freak flag -- they pretty much fly an airplane banner.

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