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Mark Millar and Tony Harris stopping through



Superstar comic book creators Mark Millar and Tony Harris will be making a rare stop in Charlotte Aug. 17 to promote their new War Heroes comic ... and that got me thinking about this team's old comics.

I've been a fan of Millar's writing and Harris' art for quite a long time now, so -- in celebration of their impending appearance -- I thought it would be fitting to provide a short list of must-read work by the pair. All of the following stories are available in trade paperback form. Here goes:

The Authority -- Millar took over this ultra-violent superhero book from its creator (writer Warren Ellis) and quickly amped up the satire and symbolism. The result was a biting, relevant look at not only comic book mythology but politics as well.

Wolverine: Enemy of the State -- Wolverine's had a solo book for years, but it took Millar to write the definitive story arc for the book. In Enemy of the State, Logan battled ninja zombies, terrorists and many of his superhero buddies -- and showed, more than any other story starring the character, that Wolverine really is the best there is at what he does.

Starman -- Harris provided the art for Starman, one of my favorite comics of all time, which told the story of a son reluctantly taking on the mantle of his superhero father. Starman was a sentimental comic with tons of emotion, and Harris' ultra-realistic work made the humanity of all the characters shine through.

Ex Machina -- Harris also pencils Ex Machina, another comic book with a real-world feel. Ex Machina centers around a superhero who gets elected mayor of New York City, and it provides a piercing look at post-9/11 paranoia and politics.

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