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War Heroes No. 1, Conan: The Cimmerian No. 1, Justice Society of America Annual No. 1

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For the last few issues, I've devoted my weekly Comic Proportions column to a list of comics I'm currently reading and, for the time being, enjoying. Consider this week's installment, however, the conclusion of my "recommended reading" list. Next week, I'll get back to bashing stuff.

War Heroes No. 1 (Image): Writer Mark Millar is back -- along with artist extraordinaire Tony Harris -- to answer the question: What would happen if superheroes fought the War on Terror? The resulting comic is an amazing analysis of American imperialism, warmongering and propaganda, and superhero mythology. (FYI: Millar is scheduled to make an appearance in Charlotte on Aug. 17 at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find. Visit the Web site listed at the end of this column for more information.)

Conan: The Cimmerian No. 1 (Dark Horse Comics): Maybe I'm just tainted by the action-packed Conan comics published by Marvel Comics back in the day, but I thought this issue featured way too much dialogue. I know that the Dark Horse version of the dark-haired barbarian is closer to writer Robert E. Howard's original interpretation of the character, but a few monsters and half-naked wenches wouldn't hurt! That being said, this issue includes art by legendary artist Richard Corben -- and that's reason enough to buy it.

Justice Society of America Annual No. 1 (DC): I was about ready to give up on Justice Society, but in the last few months, writer Geoff Johns has made the comic book readable again. In this, the title's first annual, Johns follows up on a really old plot point by sending JSA member Power Girl back to her home on Earth 2. The comic manages to be both exciting and emotional -- two things Justice Society hasn't been for a while.

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