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Vote or Cry



Republican and unaffiliated voters can now choose people to run against Democrats in November. Primary election day is Sept. 11, though residents can vote through Sept. 8 at some locations. (Check for details).

In the mayor's race, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools board member Ken Gjertsen is challenging incumbent Pat McCrory for the Republican spot on the November mayoral ballot. District 7 voters in southeast Charlotte will choose between Warren Cooksey and Dick Yoder. But the at-large city council races likely offer the most chance for upset: Six candidates are competing for four seats.

Here they are, listed with Web sites if they have them:

• A. Chris Bakis

• John W. Lassiter (

• Geraldine (Jerry) Mudge

• Edwin B. Peacock III (

• Dan Ramirez (

• David L. Romero (

Incidentally, the two at-large candidates who support repealing the transit tax are the ones without Web sites. Not that the anti-light rail folks are Luddites or anything.

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