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Volume III due Oct. 1



The latest edition in the Creative Loafing presents Jeff Hahne's Homebrew series, Volume III, will be released on Oct. 1 at an event to be held at the Neighborhood Theatre.

While the two previous editions each featured 12 bands/artists, the latest version, sponsored by Highland Brewery, CD Warehouse and the Carolina Live Music Society, will feature 12, with a bonus "six-pack" -- 18 bands/artists total. It wasn't easy to narrow them down, but someone had to do it ...

The bands who will be on Volume III are Bums Lie, Jocelyn Ellis & The Alpha Theory, Evelynn Rose, Dylan Gilbert, Heywire, The Noises 10, Scoot Pittman Trio, Pradigy GT, Raised By Wolves, Natalie Royal, The Showgoats, The Virginia Reel, 2013 Wolves, Actual Proof, Andy the Doorbum, Black Lagoon, Groove 8 and Jon Lindsay.

A handful of them will perform at the free Oct. 1 release party -- more details on that are coming next week in this same space.

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