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VIDEO: Michael Brown: A pattern of violence

Episode 1 of the new and improved Class Is In Session



On Aug. 14, a wonderful group of activists held a vigil at Marshall Park for Michael Brown and other victims of police brutalization. In this first episode of Class Is In Session — the monthly column come to video — I look into the unjust slayings of Brown and others who look like him.

The bottom line is that there is a systemic pattern of violence and brutalization of men of color, especially young black men. The pervasive image perpetuated of a black man as being predatory and dangerous has fed into a collective consciousness within our society. The image assist in the dehumanization of folks who fit within that demographic. When you see someone who's less than human, then it's easy to treat them inhumanely and disrespect them, and basically not see their value.

Check out the video.

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