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Using moving truck for towing. Is it a good idea?



Getting your vehicle to your new place while moving is an inevitable challenge. One can obviously drive their vehicle to their new place but this is not possible if you are short of time or are moving to a far off place. In such conditions, towing seems a bankable option. It may seem like a risky alternative to a few but if the right choice is made after giving it careful thought then moving trucks can make the moving of your vehicle unchallenging. The expert moving truck & containers companies at movingfeedback.com have special provisions to make car moving safe and effective.  

A moving truck can be a multi-purpose aid as it can pass your parcels and other stuff to your new place and it can also haul your vehicle from one stop to the other. It saves you multiple trips that you might have to undertake to relay your belongings and loved ones. It happens to more economical than having to pay someone to drive your vehicle to and fro. You can rent a moving truck to save yourself numerous trips. Renting a moving truck can be more labor-intensive but still the most often chosen option. 

It cannot be denied that driving a moving truck can be a little troublesome especially if one is driving it for the first time but it can get manageable if one considers these few tips.

  1. Test drive your truck. Getting accustomed to the vehicle you are going to drive loaded with your belongings is very important.

  2. Do not try and overtake other vehicles on road. Keep a safe distance.

  3. Keep in mind that there are no backseats and most trucks can seat up to three passengers only so make arrangements for those family members who cannot travel with you.

  4. Keep a religious check on the speed limits.

  5. Be extra cautious on the turns.

Now while loading a truck one must keep in mind these given tips-

  • Use bubble wrap or extra padding to keep things from breaking.

  • Disassemble the furniture or any other thing that covers a lot of space.

  • Load heavy boxes and items first and then small ones should follow.

  • Things that can be placed vertically should be kept in that manner to save space but make sure that they do not damage their surroundings if they fall.

There are a few myths that revolve around the whole ‘renting a moving truck’ procedure- 

  • A special license is required to rent a moving truck

  • You have to be 25 years old or more to be able to rent a truck.

  • A credit card is required to rent.

  • Personal car insurance covers the damage to the moving truck.

These aforementioned myths have been busted in the article below.

There are a few factors that one needs to keep in mind while choosing the right truck-

Picking the right truck- The bulk and type of your truck depends on the load of stuff you are planning to relay from one point to another. Your house kind and size also affect this decision. Every house has different requirements that need to be looked after. Many companies offer a varied range of trucks from 10-foot trucks that usually work well for studio apartments to huge 25-26 foot trucks that can carry the belongings of a 3-4 bedroom house. While choosing which truck the right truck for your needs, one must keep in mind the space that their belongings would hog and then choose a truck. The fact that there might be a higher percentage of space required than what one has calculated cannot be overlooked.

It is common practice for truck companies to lure customers with a quote that only considers things like the size of the truck, distance, etc. But often these quotes have certain costs like insurance, fuel cost, toll costs, and other miscellaneous costs are hidden. There are different types of moves based on distance - In a case wherein the destination is pretty far or interstate, dropping off the truck back to the place where you picked it from can be very expensive. This might require the customer to clear the terms with the company beforehand and convince them to make it a one-way move. This might cost a little more but definitely less than a two-way move.

Anyone above the age of 18 with a driver’s license is eligible to drive and rent a truck. Buying supplemental moving truck insurance can prove to be a smart decision if you are planning to rent the truck for a long distance to take care of any possible wear and tear. Damage waivers, personal accident and cargo insurance, and auto tow protection are all included in different kinds of insurances. 

One should think it through and then make an adept decision. Hiring rental trucks and containers for moving is always a great idea when you know how to do it right, find the best rental trucks and container company and get started with your move. Also, the importance of creating a playlist for your long road trip cannot be underestimated.


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