#CoffeeInACone Makes U.S. Launch in Charlotte

Do it for the 'gram



The worldwide obsession with photographing our food before consuming it is one that we all share, apparently, and recognizing that can make for a worthy investment.

Charlotte entrepreneur Gavin Eales thinks so, at least. That’s why he’s rolling out a new product in Charlotte that puts a twist on your daily dose of caffeine: #CoffeeInACone.

The original concept for #CoffeeInACone came from Dayne Levinrad, a South African barista with a background in marketing and social media. Levinrad wanted to create a drink that customers would photograph, share on Instagram and, hopefully, tag his coffee shop. He began filling chocolate-coated waffle cones with cappuccinos and espressos and, voila, his shop soon had a line out the door. He later started to sell his creation at other cafes all across South Africa.

Here in Charlotte, Eales recognized the genius of the idea.

“You’re combining three of everybody’s loves,” Eales said. “Everybody loves the crispy waffle cone ... everyone loves chocolate and everyone needs coffee to get them through the day.”

After acquiring the first license to sell the product here in the States, he began looking around for the right retailer. Now, what people have called the “world’s most Instagrammable coffee” will be available at Sunflour Baking Company locations within the next week. [UPDATE: Eales now tells us #CoffeeInACone will be available at Sunflour starting at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, January 31.] It will be the first retail location to serve #CoffeeInACone in the country.

Eales' targeted release date was Friday, January 26, but he's still waiting for the product to clear customs. He still hopes to have it on shelves by the end of the week. He’s also working to bring the product to other cafes around the city and state.

If you plan to try #CoffeeInACone, you better drink your coffee fast, because you’re on a timer from the moment it’s poured. Using a seal made of four layers of cocoa, the cone is only made leak-proof for about 10 minutes from the first pour.

The U.S. will become one of 15 countries to have #CoffeeInACone available, including Austria, Germany, Israel, Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Singapore.

According to Eales, there’s limited stock for the launch, so get there fast and remember: “If you’re going to have a #CoffeeInACone, there’s one thing you must do, and that’s take a photo and put it on Instagram.”

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