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US Attacked By Gay Toons!

Are there any other gay cartoon characters besides SpongeBob Squarepants?

Madeline Mims
Tax Consultant
"First of all, I'm not convinced that SpongeBob is gay, but I'd bet a week's salary that Velma on Scooby-Do was a major dyke."

Jason Planmos
"To tell the truth, I've always wondered about Yogi Bear's sidekick Booboo. They seemed awfully close to be just friends.' Same thing for Baba Looey and Quickdraw McGraw."

Mike Frazier
Web Designer
"Well, it's pretty obvious that Snagglepuss was gay; I mean he was like the cartoon Liberace or something."

Sarah B. Williams
Store Manager
"Barney Rubble. You can't tell me that a fox like Betty would go for him; their marriage was a cover-up."

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