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Urban Explorer's Handbook 2009: Battle of the Hoods Round Two


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It takes 199 neighborhoods to make Charlotte a city. And in Creative Loafing's annual Urban Explorer's Handbook, we turn the spotlight on 10 of the Queen City's most unique "hoods."

This year, however, we went straight to the source and talked to citizens who live in, work in and love these neighborhoods to find out why their piece of the Q.C. is the best. In turn, you, dear readers, will learn where to eat, shop and hang out as you travel the streets and corners of the place you live.

On top of that, just like last year, we're bringing the trash-talking war back (we don't call this "Battle of the Hoods" for nothing!). Once you're done reading why these residents love their sections of Charlotte, cast a vote for the city's best neighborhood. The winning hood gets presented with a handsome plaque, a fun write-up in this here paper and bragging rights for the rest of the year.

Last year, hundreds voted and named NoDa "Hood of the Year." Who will win this year? It's up to you and your hood-mates. Click on the "Battle of the Hoods: Round Two" link and vote. We'll leave the poll up for two whole weeks, and you can vote as many times as you'd like.

All that said, enjoy this issue and may the best hood win!


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