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Uncut tricks of the trade

Plus, is there an app for that?



I am a man who tends to ejaculate prematurely. Not all the time — but at least 50 percent of the time, I'm good for two to three minutes and then I REALLY have to be careful. I've learned to manage it and work around it (like, stop if I'm too close and eat her out to give me some time to relax, etc.), but it's still a pain in the ass. I have a theory about this: I am not circumcised. I know that circumcised cocks are more desensitized, as they tend to rub on everything all the time. Could my problem be related to the fact that for the first 20 years of my life, the head of my cock had never been in direct contact with anything? And if not, are there tricks that exist to help me with this problem?

— Unexposed Nub Could Upset Timing

You're already doing everything premature ejaculators are urged to do, UNCUT: You're paying close attention to your arousal levels, you're being careful not to rush past the point of no return (or past the point of "orgasmic inevitability"), you're taking fuck breaks as needed and eating a little pussy (not recommended for gay premature ejaculators). Those are the "tricks that exist" to help guys like you, and it sounds like you've mastered them. And while the heads of circumcised cocks tend to be less sensitive, UNCUT, studies of men circumcised in adulthood have found no link between circumcision and premature ejaculation. Uncut guys are no more likely to have problems with premature ejaculation, and cut guys are no less likely.

I'm a straight, vanilla 29-year-old woman, happily married to a kinky bi guy for six years, together for 13. He is free to sleep with other men, and I consider myself GGG — turning him on turns me on. You can do the math: I married my high-school sweetheart. (It wasn't planned that way — we're not religious — we just happened to get super lucky on the first try.) My husband has a cuckold fetish, and we role-play all the time. I would really love to make this fantasy a reality! My question is: How/where the fuck do I find someone? I don't want to pick up some random, since I want to be as safe as possible, and I haven't dated since I was 16. I feel completely lost. I just want to cuckold my husband! Why can't there be an app for that?

— Non-Experienced Wife Begs You

You're in luck: There is an app for married people who want to cheat on their partners — with or without their partners' permission — and I'm pretty sure you're already familiar with this particular app, NEWBY, as it's been around for a while. It's called "The Internet." This app can direct you to websites for cheaters (Ashley Madison), websites for kinksters (FetLife), and regular dating websites where married people in open relationships are free to advertise for new partners (OkCupid).

I am 62 years old, fit, handsome and intelligent. I'm also as horny as a 17-year-old. My committed boyfriend/partner/husband-to-be of 10 years is 41. I met him at a men's club when he was wearing nothing but a towel, and we had great sex. We haven't had sex since that first date. I have loved this man from that moment in the club. He is beautiful: Asian with a bit of Spanish, perfectly proportioned, athletic, smart, ambitious, creative, playful — my little brown prince. He has the most beautiful ass I have ever seen. He is from a culture that is very private and puts on a happy face — always. It's hard for me to get inside and crack that stubborn nut. I would love nothing more than to make love to him. Some things are impossible to put into words, and lovemaking expresses so much.

— Nine Outta Ten

A gay dude who fucks you once and refuses to fuck ever again isn't that into fucking, isn't that into you, or isn't turned on by men he actually knows. Some gay men are aroused only by anonymous sex — you know, the kind of sex you two had on your first "date." Some gay men overcome that sexual handicap, others don't. If your "little brown prince" (erm) hasn't managed to overcome it 10 years into this relationship, NOT, I doubt he ever will.

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