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Ultra Extreme Best Of Charlotte 2003

This year, we're going all out. We're over the top, we're taking it to the next level, we're pushing the envelope till it rips, we're. . .well, you get the picture. In keeping with American culture's frenzied state, we're not just giving you the regular, plain old Best of Charlotte -- here's the Ultra Extreme Best of Charlotte!

Other publications have littered the landscape with imitation Best of Charlotte polls, but our philosophy about that is "Hey, who cares?" This is the one that really matters, so dig in and have some fun.

We've counted up all your votes, and our stoked critics' panel has spoken, and here are the results. The only difference is that this year we're including some of the city's extreme achievements in select categories -- "Best of" winners who take it to the edge and beyond.

To help introduce some of the winners, we held a Best Reader (or was that Extreme Reader?) Contest and picked a winner, April D. Morton. That's her quaffing her thirst for knowledge with a big ole gulp of CL energy drink, and that's her you'll be seeing throughout the Ultra Extreme Best of Charlotte, as she introduces you to some of our winners. April's a classic CL reader: a 20-something seventh grade teacher in the CMS system who's also a house music dance queen and crowd surfer. She's well-read, upfront, athletic, and into the diversity thang, and extremely right up our alley.

An issue this big doesn't just appear on the stands by itself -- it takes an extreme effort by everyone involved. So we want to give a shout out to our vote tabulators, critics, sales people, designers, writers, photographers, editors, bean counters and distributors. All of these people have worked their extreme little fingers to the bone to bring you this issue. We've finished our work here, now this issue is yours. Enjoy it. Extremely.


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