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TV on the Radio changes complexion of experimental rock


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5) Apollo Heights -- dream-pop following in the footsteps of '80s and '90s acts like AR Kane, the Jesus and Mary Chain and My Blood Valentine.

6) Saul Williams -- industrial glam rock influenced by David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails.

7) Santogold -- delightfully fascinating mix of electronics, dub, hip-hop and Gwen Stefani-like pop punk.

8) Cody ChesnuTT -- ambitious homemade rock and soul that comes off like Prince in collaboration with '90s lo-fi artists such as Lou Barlow of Sebadoh.

9) Kamara Thomas -- the beautiful bassist for the power rock trio Earl Greyhound makes twangy alt-country on her own.

10) The Dears -- whimsical experimental music collective led by singer Murray Lightburn draws from the '60s French Cabaret pop of Serge Gainsbourg and the indie rock of British brooder Morrissey.


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