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Tropic Culture emerges victorious

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Twelve bands battled it out at Tremont Music Hall on June 9 at the Charlotte finals of the Emergenza Music Festival. In the end, it was Tropic Culture who was voted the winner. The victory earned them a June 16 show in Columbia, S.C., in the hopes of eventually winning a trip to play in Germany.

Fans voted at the end of each set to help select the top six bands of the competition. From those six, the judges votes selected the winner. The top six were Tropic Culture, Lucky Five, U-Phonik, Sister Trish, Sin Recursos and Final Curse. Other bands that were competing were High Ride, Such As Life, The Solos Unit, Humans, Retrovisions Upon Recollection and Black Ritual.

Judges also awarded titles to the best bassist, guitar player and drummer. Shago, guitar player for Matthews' Lucky Five, was given the guitar title. The drummer for Retrovisions Upon Recollection was recognized, as well as the bassist of Tropic Culture.

The festival offered a chance for music fans to check out a bunch of local artists all on one bill. From hip hop to latin, from metal to pop, there was a wide variety performed on stage. Emergenza began in 1992 in Rome, Italy, and has now expanded to more than 10 countires and 35 U.S. cities.

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