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Live Review: OURS


May 4, 2007

The Deal: Ours rocked the Casbah with three opening acts that consisted of solo artists Taylor Redding (of the band Evoka), April Bauer and James Hall, who played with his band.

The Good: Despite having not released an album since 2002's Precious, Ours has never ceased touring. They last played Tremont when opening up for Dredg. Ours is now anticipating the release of their third album Dancing for the Death of the Imaginary Enemy. Their set featured a slew of new songs, such as "Live Again" and "I Ran Away to Tell the World" which will be on the upcoming album. They also played a variety of songs from their first album Distorted Lullabies, think "Miseryhead" and "Here is the Light" among others.

The Bad: There was a long wait before Ours finally got on stage. Taylor Redding played a decent and short set with his acoustic guitar. Then April Bauer graciously played the keyboard and sung her tunes in a sullen voice (resembling Fiona Apple), making the performance enjoyable. Listeners were already eager for Ours by the time James Hall and his band played. Their set seemed to linger on and on and only when Ours hit the stage did the crowd seem to wake up.

The Verdict: Ours successfully captured the audience with their enchanting rock beats and the melodically restless vocals and screams of singer Jimmy Gnecco. They are back and as strong as ever.

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