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Live Review: Burden Brothers, Babyshaker, La Chocha Loca, White Dwarf


May 6, 2007

The Deal: Three local bands open for Burden Brothers, featuring former Toadies singer Vaden Todd Lewis and former Rev. Horton Heat drummer Taz Bentley.

The Good: White Dwarf and their two-piece (a la White Stripes) act opened the evening with a brief set. The songs sounded similar, having the flavor of a band you'd see playing in someone's basement, however the duo made good use of loops to fill out their sound. La Chocha Loca performed second, to the largest crowd of the evening (about 45 people). Their rock vibe fused with old-school metal provided a solid energy boost. Babyshaker was the final local act, performing their own style of rock fused with punk in a '70s style. Singer Scott Weaver offered up his dramatic vocals with a cocky swagger that lay somewhere between passion and ego. The Burden Brothers closed the night with a 45-minute rock set that showed their professionalism and appreciation for the small crowd. At the last note, Bentley and Lewis stepped off the stage to shake hands with those in attendance.

The Bad: Disrespect. The opening acts (except for a couple members who left after a few songs) didn't stick around for The Burden Brothers set. With a small crowd it didn't go unnoticed. Lewis told the fans who stuck around, "I usually thank the opening bands, but they're not here, so pffff ... " And besides, the show was over before 11 p.m., what's the excuse? I could have also done without the La Chocha Loca singer Sharon Needles saying he was drunk between every song.

The Verdict: The years of experience between Lewis and Bentley showed as they gave it their all despite a small crowd. Hard-pounding drums and Lewis' unique vocal tone set Burden Brothers apart from other rock acts of today. It was a solid outing of local and national that more people should have attended.

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