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Transit troubles



Here's a recap of the top three controversies plaguing Charlotte's Light Rail project (so far):

3. Transit study at UNCC. A study comparing the South Corridor Line in Charlotte to light rail systems in other cities has been touted far and wide as independent. Conducted by the Center for Transportation Policy Studies at UNC Charlotte, it has recently come under attack for connections to the Charlotte Chamber. The case is now under investigation.

2. Half-cent sales tax petition. Methods used to collect signatures to get the tax back on the ballot this November have been criticized. Collectors were paid per signature by an outside company and were allegedly vague about what the petition was for, though it was printed on the document.

1. Cost Overruns. No matter what side you're on, the light rail plan has gone above and beyond all expense projections. In 1998 the South Corridor line was expected to run $227 million. Now it's up to $462.7 million.

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