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Top 5 Music Albums of Summer 2021

The summer has just ended. Hence, it's a perfect opportunity to recall what we have listened to during this time. Here are the top five music albums of summer 2021.


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Top 5 Music Albums of Summer 2021

It’s always hard to let summer go. Just as always, autumn has come too fast while we still had too many plans for our summer. We still had too many unfulfilled picnic plans, swimming sessions, and late evening walks. Oh, and what about summer concerts? Aren’t they the best? Warm nights and a free-spirited season go so well with beautiful music. Fortunately, not everything is lost in this direction. We can still freely enjoy the music of summer 2021. Many great musicians have released new tracks and awesome albums this year. Some of those albums were a complete surprise to the audience. A few albums were long overdue. 

Overall, this summer has given us lots of great music to remember it by. Let’s recall the top five music albums of summer 2021 that you need to buy right now. 

Olivia Rodrigo, Sour

Although Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album ‘Sour’ was released in late May, we still consider it a summer album. After all, these were the tunes that made our summer. Rodrigo rose to the peak of her popularity with ‘Sour’ this year. It’s not just a music album. It is the voice of the generation trapped between the lines and cords. Rodrigo is becoming the role model for the youth due to her honesty, strength, and style. Her new album raises a bunch of serious topics that used to be silenced for too long. Overall, those songs create an interesting roller coaster experience with your emotions, and we are here for it. 

Liz Phair, Soberish

It’s been eleven years (!) since Liz Phair had her last album. Some of you are too young and may even need an essay from essayshark to learn about this great songwriter a bit more. Yet, needless to say, her fans were ecstatic to suddenly see the new release at the beginning of this summer. The famous songwriter explained her long sabbatical as the period for self-discovery. However, she says that the journey is not over. Yet, a long break made it possible to create such a beautiful, long overdue album. After all, Phair still has a lot to give to the world. She didn’t want to be remembered by the 11-year-old album. She has grown both as a person and musician. That’s exactly what she showed us with her newest album.

Bachelor, Doomin’ Sun

It’s not a summer top music albums list if there are no indie songs present. Of course, this summer was full of new great indie songs released. However, Bachelor’s ‘Doomin’ Sun’ is probably the one to remember this summer. It’s barely possible to count how many times we heard ‘Sand Angel’ over the course of three months. Yet, we are still not tired of it. ‘Doomin’ Sun’ has everything you’d expect from a good indie album. It’s sad but hopeful, with emotional lyrics and a gentle tune. These songs were a perfect addition to a chill summer evening in friends’ backyard. 

Japanese Breakfast, Jubilee

‘Jubilee’ was definitely one of the greatest music discoveries of this summer. The album bravely stands up among the others. Its fresh and versatile sound is everything we could hope for. Japanese Breakfast has surely found its way into our hearts and minds. The album is different from everything Michelle Zauner has done before. Yet, it is recognizable, warm, and hits home with every song. She is not just singing to us. We, too, have a place in this conversation. She is talking to us with her songs, and our hearts respond. 

It’s fair to say that Jubilee has seriously increased our expectations of Zauner’s future work. Though, we have a hunch that she will deliver. Also, those curious about the chosen band name may read a paperhelp review and order a paper on traditional Japanese breakfast to see the reasons for such a name. 

Halsey, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power

As soon as we thought this summer was over, we were hit with one last summer surprise. Halsey chose to release her fourth album at the end of August. This news made our goodbyes a little sweeter. After all, it’s Halsey! We know we're gonna love it. Should we even say more? Though, we will anyway. ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’ happens to be just as powerful as it says in its name. In general, Halsey is known for strong lyrics, feminist themes, and semi-aggressive execution. Well, this album did not become an exception. That’s why we love it so much. It’s everything we hoped it would be and even more. 

Overall, the latest album celebrates womanhood, childbirth, and pregnancy. The theme shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering that Halsey recently gave birth to her first child. So, of course, the album expresses her feelings and emotions about this happy event. 


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