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Top 10 Threats

Quotes from the police reports



10 "I hired a private detective and I found you and your girlfriend. Now I'm going to come and kill you both."

9 "I'm gonna come to your house and get my money from you the old fashioned way if you don't pay me. If an animal needs to feed his family he kills."

8 "You're a sucker, I'm supposed to be a dead beat. Bitch, you need to die slow."

7 "You better watch yourself and keep your shit covered because if you don't, your shit is gonna get in trouble."

6 "You and your trailer park kids are going to die."

5 "Stupid bitch, bring your ass back to Milwaukee."

4 "Today is Sept. 27 and you are going to pay for everything. You won't be able to ask God, 'Why is this happening?' or 'Why me?'"

3 "I want to meet you somewhere where I can jump you."

2 "I'm going to make you weep, bitch. I'm going to fucking kill you. I'm going to fuck you up. You fucked up, I'm going to fucking kill you."

1 "Your body is my body and if you give it away, I'll kill you."


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