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Top 10 local CDs of 2008



It's not easy to narrow down all of the great music in the Queen City to just 10 CDs, nine without ours. Numerous honorable mentions could be given to artists such as Yardwork, Nicolette Emanuelle, Lindy Dobbins, Buschovski, Perry Fowler, Dylan Gilbert and a whole bunch more. But, here's 10 that got more than a few rotations on my CD player:

Creative Loafing's Homebrew Series – Sure, it's nepotism and shameless self-promotion to give ourselves the top spot on this list, but really, what better way is there to hear a variety of local bands – 12 per CD – for the low, low price of free? We released the Winter Harvest in January and the Summer Stash has been slowly making its way around town all fall and winter. In fact, you can still get copies at select local shows into the new year, including the Crowntown Showdown, or pick one up at Lunchbox Records or Manifest Discs – if they're all out, have them contact us for more.

Paleface & Just About To Burn A Different Story

Benji Hughes A Love Extreme

Simplified Elephant Sky

The Avett Brothers The Second Gleam

The Noises 10 The Hammer, The Anvil, The Stirrup

The Stellas Cry Baby Cry

Trouble Walkers Free Cowboy Hat

Raised by Wolves Return to the House of Ill Repute

The Sammies Sandwich

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