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Tooth of Crime

CD Review: T Bone Burnett



The Deal: Songwriter releases album fresh off producing success of Krauss/Plant disc, Raising Sand.

The Good: The album opens up with the bluesy, retro-rockin' "Anything I Say Can and Will Be Used Against You" before rolling into the slow and sleepy "Dope Island," highlighted by steel guitar. The album is the result of a collaboration with playwright Sam Shepard that began with a play of the same name – not that the album is tied musically to the play in any way. "Make the Metal Scream" offers a darker, more gothic sound which leads into the chanting "Here Come the Philistines."

The Bad: The 10-track album clocks in at just under 40 minutes, but it's hard to complain considering he came off of a 14-year hiatus in 2006 and he's already released another disc. The brief, acoustic "Blind Man" seemed out of place – yet throughout the album, no two tracks ever sound too much alike.

The Verdict: It's a good eclectic mix in a short span and gives a bit of insight into the man behind some big hits and records. Not one you're likely to listen to on a regular basis.

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