Tony Furtado; D&D Sluggers, Eclipse of the Candy Flippers, Dead Fame

When: Sat., June 23 2012

D&D SLUGGERS So much has changed in popular culture. Take rock music and video games. They’ve flipped in the popular perception, the former becoming the vestige of effete dweebery while the latter is now somewhat hip and acceptable. Even in the age of, freestanding Game Stop stores are everywhere. (Consider music stores’ comparative survival.) Bands like D&D Sluggers bridge the gap between those worlds admirably, composing addictive dance-rock with a guitar, a synth, a Nintendo DS and a Game Boy. The thump and crackle of digital percussion and Nintendo soundbites back pop-punk guitar and fuzzy synth work. And the pop-punk quality is alive and well in the vocals of “Jam of the Year,” while there’s a conversational They Might Be Giants-ness to über-square movie date song “Johnny Depp,” and even a refreshing Jamiroquai feel to “I Will Not Be There.” Yeah, these are the good nerds for sure.

Corbie Hill

Price: $10; $5

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