Todd Snider, Kevin Gordon

When: Fri., June 22 2012

TODD SNIDER The Nashville storyteller began his career as a bright and briefly controversial light on the too-tepid Americana singer/songwriter scene — a witty, John Prine-leaning raconteur (he was even on Prine’s label) with a smart-aleck streak who’d mockingly incinerate whatever crossed his path. But Snider then took a blowtorch to his own life and, in the aftermath, his songs took on the banal flavor of rehab drunkalogues. Thankfully, Snider’s recent output returns to topical socio-cultural fare — including this year’s Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables — that at least makes his by-the-numbers country-rock stand out for its intelligence.

John Schacht

Price: $22

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