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Tired of making things up?

Enter the First Annual Creative Loafing Creative Non-Fiction Contest

Creative Loafing announces its first annual Creative Non-Fiction Contest for writers in the Carolinas, in association with the CPCC Spring Literary Festival.

What, exactly, do we mean by creative non-fiction? It's memoirs and essays and any work of non-fiction written in a literary style, as opposed to a journalistic one. Some examples would be books by John McPhee, The Diary of Anne Frank, much of Tom Wolfe's work, Liars' Club by Mary Karr, or essays by Cynthia Ozick or E.B. White.

Creative non-fiction doesn't "report" as much as it "tells." It's a story conveying an experience, not just the bare facts, a tale complete with true events using the tools of fiction, if necessary, to present itself.


* The contest is open to writers in North and South Carolina

* Submissions are not limited to any specific topic or subject

* Entries should be between 2,000 - 4,000 words

* $15 per entry (checks only)

* The deadline for entries is February 9

* The winner will receive $300 and will read the piece as part of the CPCC Literary Festival in March

* Submissions should be typed or printed on 8 1/2 x 11 white paper, double-spaced (no diskettes or emails, please)

* Employees of Creative Loafing and their families, as well as paid staff members of the CPCC Spring Literary Festival and their families, are not eligible.

* Send entries, along with entry fee, to CL Creative Non-Fiction Contest, P.O. Box 241988, Charlotte, NC 28224, or bring them in to our office at 6112 Old Pineville Road.

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