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Pocket guide for frugal drinkers



So last week you got a little crazy, buying Jäger bombs for you and your friends at some overpriced club. It felt good at the time (never mind the next morning), but now you're a few days from payday and those "friends" ain't reciprocating. But just because you need cheap beer doesn't mean you want to drink at a place with plywood walls and bartenders dressed in muumuus. Here are a few possibilities, as we serve up some of Charlotte's best drink specials:

Monday: Phó Real, $3 martinis

Tuesday: Brick & Barrel, $1 domestics; Buckhead Saloon, $1 PBR; Charlotte Eagle, $1 draft (alas, this is a members only club)

Wednesday: Buckhead Saloon, $1 domestics; the Press Box, $1 PBR; Boardwalk Billy's, $1 domestics; Quaker Steak & Lube, $1 domestic bottles and pints; Phil and Tony's (Arboretum), $1 domestic bottles

Thursday: Stool Pigeons (downtown), $3 martinis; Phó Real, $1 domestics

Friday: Given the lack of daily drink specials on TGIFs, now's the best time to hit those places with cheap drinks every day: Gourmet Kitchen, Asian Bistro $1 beer every night; Vinnie's Raw Bar, $1 beer every day

Saturday: Stool Pigeons (UNCC), $2 Jäger shots; Providence Road Sundries, $1 beer;

Sunday: Tipsey's McStumbles, $5 domestic pitcher (who needs to share?)

This list might have been more comprehensive, if not for those pesky blackouts. For the even more frugal drinker, turn to Modern Drunkard magazine for tips on scamming free ones. The Web site is

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