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Tim & Neil Griffin's Top Five



This dynamic duo is responsible for bringing the art crawl to the Plaza Midwood area and out of the shadows of NoDa; the couple took it upon themselves to organize an art fest/street fair to highlight the artistic neighborhood they love. Keep an eye on future CL issues for info on the next Plaza-Central Crawl.

1) Music: Tim: "Without a doubt the greatest album ever recorded: Della Reese: One More Time! Live at the Playboy Club."

2) Movies: Neil: "Marion Cotillard's La Vie en Rose." Tim: "[Patricia Foulkrod's documentary] The Ground Truth: The Human Cost of War. This movie should be shown outside every recruiting office."

3) Book: Neil: "For balance, I just reread Michael Porter's Competitive Strategy."

4) Restaurant: Neil: "I prefer to stick with the restaurants along the Plaza-Central corridor ... you just can't go wrong!" Tim: "The Dish. Any place that serves deviled eggs is five star to me."

5) Hobbies: Tim: "Our home and yard ... and searching for unique Santa Clauses." (The couple owns over 6,000 Santa-related items!)

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