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Tiger on the Prowl

Are you excited about Tiger Woods' appearance in Charlotte this week?

Trevor Finch
Valet Parking Specialist
"I'm just hoping he comes by one night for a bite to eat. Then again, he'll probably just hire a limo. We don't get jack in tips with a limo."

Janice Carlson
Bank Teller
"He's a famous athlete, right? The only time I see any golf is when my hubby has it on. I do know he's got a real pretty blonde ladyfriend. All those golfer guys do."

Mike Musilli
"I'll probably watch it on TV. Is it on TV? I'm not going to pay $100 to stand beside some guy pounding beers and yelling 'you da man!' after every shot. I can do that at home."

Ella McKinney
Cafeteria Supervisor
"Tiger in the woods? That kinda thing's on the news all the time now -- they get 'em with those tranquilizer guns. Why in hell somebody would want a tiger for a pet is beyond me."

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