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Three questions with Setarra Deveaux of Happy Apple Juicery

A juice a day keeps the doctor away



At the start of 2014, one of my best friends declared to me that her New Year's resolution was to start juicing daily. It's now almost 2015, and her pricey juicer has been collecting dust on a shelf in her kitchen for months. That's because juicing the right way can be timely and tedious.

Luckily, businesses like Happy Apple Juicery — a small, online Charlotte delivery service that provides raw, cold-pressed juices — offer a simple solution for folks who lack the time, tools or motivation to try juicing on their own. Happy Apple is a one-woman operation by Setarra Deveaux, 36, who began pursuing her passion for health and wellness through juicing after losing a corporate position in April. She cites the quote "Everything you want is on the other side of fear" as inspiration to start her own business, which had its soft launch in November.

While we wait patiently for the website ( to unveil in mid-January, folks living in Uptown, NoDa and Plaza Midwood who are interested in trying Deveaux's products can email her directly to order ( She's also working with local businesses to provide pick-up options at select locations around town.

Creative Loafing: In what ways has juicing been beneficial to your own health?

Setarra Deveaux: Juicing has helped me in a number of ways, but most notably I contribute juicing, in combination with a healthy diet, to helping me manage my acid reflux, which I suffered from for a number of years. It was so bad that I had to have two medical procedures because of the damage to my esophagus. But since my last procedure [in September of 2012], I have been off of the medication that I was told I would have to take daily for two-and-a-half years.

How many different types of juices are currently available and are there any newbies in the making for 2015?

Right now, there are six, but we will be expanding our menu in January because we're going to start to offer juice cleanses. The juice cleanses will give people an opportunity to do anywhere between a one to three-day cleanse, which means that it would just be three days of consuming liquid nutrients of juice along with water.

What's your favorite juice of the bunch?

Can I say all of them? If I had to choose just one, it would be the Restore, which is a blend of beets, apples, lemon and ginger.

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