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Three questions for Stephen Deutsch of Teriyaki Madness

New spot offers comfortable Asian staples



Move over Panda Express, there's another customizable and fresh-rolling Asian spot in town. The new Teriyaki Madness, opened by Stephen Deutsch on Mallard Creek Church Road, just a mile off I-85, boasts fresh food and sauces made in-house. The bowls and plates are customizable with white or brown rice, chicken thighs or breasts, fresh sauces and big portions.

Options include yakisoba noodles (stir-fried noodles in yakisoba sauce with your choice of protein), teriyaki dishes (with your choice of protein, rice and an assortment of veggies) and plenty more.

The new Charlotte location has been received well, with another location opening on Metropolitan Avenue soon.

Deutsch states that, of course, the most popular dishes on the menu are the chicken or beef teriyaki dishes but the breaded and lightly-fried orange chicken is also in popular demand. Teriyaki Madness provides bang for your buck with the highest quality food that surpasses other food concepts.

Creative Loafing caught up with Deutsch and discussed the "vibrant and fun" concept behind the new Teriyaki Madness in north Charlotte.

Creative Loafing: What made you decide to open a Teriyaki Madness and were there any specific concepts that appealed more to you about this business venture?

Stephen Deutsch: I've been in my own business before and I wanted to be a franchise person. I was pitched on a number of different things and a lot of food concepts. But when I saw Teriyaki Madness' concept, I didn't think there was anything like that in Charlotte.

It was very cool and innovative to me. I wanted to do all the other due diligence first, and when I did all that and I finally tasted the food, I was hooked.

What are you bringing to Charlotte that otherwise lacking?

I've been coming to Charlotte since '88 and I've lived here since '98 and I've seen the city grow in a lot of different ways. I don't know if we're bringing anything that it lacks, I think that our concept is something that differs from anything around the Mallard Creek area, but I think that we're bringing a vibrant and alive concept. Big bowls of food that most people can't finish so you've got some leftovers, it tastes just as good the next day. It's good, fresh food.

How would you describe your niche?

I think it offers fresh, fun food in a bright, fun environment that's cooked to order. If you're on the run, you can call ahead. It's great takeout and if you have a little bit of a drive, it stays hot for at least half an hour. I think we offer great value and tasty food you can customize. You can customize the bowls anyway you want.

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