Those Darlins, Music Band

When: Fri., Dec. 13 2013


The era of Emily Post and demure gals was excruciatingly dull and sexually frustrating, so it’s been a relief to all concerned to learn — thanks, Kinsey Reports! — that the girls are just as bawdy and sex-crazed as the boys. And that’s been the dirty little not-so-secret ethos that this Tennessee quartet has been playing up over their three-LP catalog. After a ramshackle, twangy debut and 2012’s riot grrrl-y, garage punk-flavored follow-up, Screws Get Loose, the Darlins’ new one, Blur the Line, smooths over some of the rough edges (courtesy of Roger Moutenot, long-time Yo La Tengo producer) that characterized the outfit before. The message, though, remains the same, summed up best in one of the snarling rockers, “Baby Mae” — “When she’s good she’s great/When she’s bad she’s even better.” Still, while the band’s sonic palette has added nuance, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to expand the songwriting tableau, too, as the message wears a bit thin by the time this one hits the wide grooves. But live, led by firecracker front-woman Jessi Zazu, Those Darlins are anything but meek or demure — and thank heaven for that. (John Schacht)

Price: $10

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