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Many Charlotte neighborhood leaders have voiced frustration with boarded-up housing and neglected property in their communities.

Conventional wisdom and the "broken window" theory of crime holds that run-down homes are not only eyesores, they beget crime. No wonder then that community activists from Helping Empower Local People have identified such problems as a top concern in 2007.

Below is a list of area neighborhoods in which more than one out of every 20 houses or apartments received code violations in a year. The number following the neighborhood name represents the percentage of housing units with code violations.

Smallwood -- 18.4

Druid Hills South -- 12.9

Druid Hills North -- 9.0

Lakewood -- 8.4

Washington Heights -- 8.2

Villa Heights -- 6.9

Biddleville -- 6.3

Wilson Heights -- 5.7

Lockwood -- 5.5

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