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Things to Do Before I Die

Charlotteans share their ultimate To-Do List



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Dorne Pentes, independent filmmaker, co-director of WonderWorld Film/Video

• Visit Patmos, Greece, the island from whence my ancestors came.

• Buy a shack by a river somewhere in deep south Mississippi or Georgia and live for a year, reading, writing, drinking, and eating lots of fried food.

• Spend three weeks in Paris, most of it at the Louvre, with my lovely wife Wendy.

• Take my son, Elias, to China.

• Make a film that will have an extraordinary impact on someone's life.

• Build some really cool, environmentally friendly, modern housing.

• Have a "recommitment ceremony" with Wendy when our children are grown.

• Cruise the Intracoastal Waterway on a sailboat.

• Visit Federico Fellini's grave and hometown of Rimini, Italy.

• Elect a Democrat for president.

• Paddle the Catawba River in a canoe.

Bill Fehr, Bicycle Courier

• Ride my bicycle across America.

• Take my daughter to the biggest mountain on the planet.

• See a world with less rather than more cars.

• Sit down over coffee with President Bush and ask him some serious questions about the axis of evil.

• Travel to a Mongolian village and teach English and bicycle repair.

Jermaine Nakia Lee, owner of Motif Entertainment, arts educator, founder/president of NC Black Gay Pride Movement

• Go to my native Africa.

• Record a CD of R&B and gospel music.

• Act in a Broadway show.

• Publish my autobiography (my life lessons learned).

• Buy my mother a home.

• Marry my boyfriend Brodderick.

• Make love to my man on church grounds.

• Be cast for a Spike Lee movie.

• Get to look the presiding Pope in the eyes and say, "You're a spawn of Hell."

• Co-design a line of men's clothing.

David Frost, leukemia survivor

• Be the best husband I can.

• Raise a healthy family that loves God.

• Start or be a major contributor of a non-profit cancer organization.

• Write my life story.

• Beat Halo 2 in Legendary mode.

Luc Pham, inventor, engineer at UNC-C's Cameron Applied Research Center

• Perfect synthetic diamonds fabrication technique to match 100 percent natural diamonds to fund personal goals.

• Start with an R&D firm and then expand into other areas such as electronics, automotive and real estate.

• Perfect my handwriting to the point of legibility.

• Travel to Egypt and buy Styrofoam surf pads, then go to the top of the Great Pyramid and slide down with my good friend and pray that the paramedics will arrive in time.

• Open a college bookstore with 25 percent student discounts to steal business from rival stores because they charged too much for books when I was a student.

• Grow spices that look like illegal plants in my backyard so authorities can keep an eye on my house with their satellites -- free 24/7 home security.

• Play football or basketball on the moon.

• Develop weapon system that ensures the US military superiority against emerging threat.

Sheri Lynch, radio personality, The Bob & Sheri Show, 107.9 The Link

• Spend a year traveling across the US in an RV.

• Live for an extended period of time in a foreign country, preferably in Europe.

• Visit India.

• Be able to run a half-marathon without dropping dead.

• Learn to play guitar.

MaryNell Mcpherson, Executive Director, Seigle Avenue Partners Inc.

• Learn to play the Carillon (bell tower) and play regularly at Covenant Presbyterian Church.

• Expand Freedom Schools to other communities in Charlotte (Freedom Schools are the Children's Defense Fund Summer Camp program that we host at Seigle).

• Cultivate a beautiful perennial flower garden, learn to arrange flowers, and create bouquets to enjoy and share.

• Live to see a President in the White House as intelligent, wise, well-grounded, and liberal as Jed Bartlett (West Wing TV Series).

• Sail and snorkel in the Mediterranean on a small boat with a few close friends.

• Participate in Covenant Presbyterian's Mexico Mission trip to the Yucatan or Reynosa.

• Commute regularly on foot or bicycle.

• Join Habitat for Humanity friends on a work project in El Salvador.

• Retire and grow old with my husband, Kevin Strawn, after raising our girls to be faithful stewards of their lives.

Mistress LunaSea, dominatrix

• Leave this life with few regrets and no unresolved issues with others.

• Learn to scuba dive in the Bermuda Triangle.

• Learn the best bizarre medical fetish scenes in Germany while latex clothes shopping.

• Go shopping with Rabbi's for colored diamonds and learn how to tell a heat-treated diamond from a natural one.

• See all of the shoe museums in the world.

• Write a children's book under an alias and my life story and then die so #1 goal will apply.

• Win a big lottery so I can travel all over the world.

• Meet my lesbian, vegetarian, non-smoking/non-drug/no baggage, liberal, submissive, multi-orgasmic, Cosmetic Surgeon girlfriend to keep me looking good for all of the above.

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