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Things CL loves about the Q.C.

Beer joints, kids play area, VIP bands


I love the small local "beer joints" that have been around for years. These are the scary looking places that some people call dives or holes in the wall. They usually have a few Harley's out front ... real Harley's, not expensive custom bikes ridden by someone just because it's trendy. You will find people of all ages inside and everyone from rednecks to hippies. They all know each other and tolerate each other's different views with humor and a lot of good natured teasing. Most of my favorites are on the dreaded West side of town and have names like Our Place, Johnny's, Westside Tavern, Tony's, TNT and Jackie's One More.

-- Cindy Gibson, classified account executive

Northlake Mall has the best FREE indoor kids play area. Don't pay for Chuckie Cheese when your kids (small ones of course) can run around with no worry. Kids enjoy jumping, running, exploring and conquering the soft character structures and fall on padded ground. Parents sit on comfortable benches and watch the munchkin society interact. Beware of Saturdays when bad parents do not adhere to height restrictions. See you there.

-- Chris Herring, marketing director

VIP wristbands for Live After 5. I can't say enough about looking down on thousands of people (half of 'em are serious eye candy), drinking free beer and hot wings. So big ups to Buckhead Saloon for keeping their rep happy by supplying VIP BANDS. Free Beer gives a better buzz.

-- Carl Tucker, ad account executive

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