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Things CL loves about the Q.C.

A vet and a grill


Hickory Grove Animal Hospital has an awesome staff! My Baby -- black poodle aka my heart -- was so sick and almost near her death bed. Thanks to the staff -- they took care of her and allowed me and my crazy family to come visit her throughout the day. I ended up taking her home sooner then they wanted, and they called to check on her even weeks later. It was really sweet.

-- Licy Martinez, ad coordinator

Dilworth Neighborhood Grille is one of my new favorite places to eat / hangout. The food is great, and the service is even better (Tracy, Stef and Norm keep me coming back). It's a great place to go and watch the game at the bar or eat lunch. At lunch time you can choose your own salad and get the toppings that you want! It's truly a neighborhood joint that needs to be checked out!

-- Ryan Morris, operations manager

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