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There's always plenty to do around town on Hump Day



There's more to do on Hump Day than just hump and that are almost as much fun.

One example is the popular Music Trivia Wednesdays at Ed's Tavern -- a five-star dive tucked away on Park Road (East and West, not to be confused with Park Road that runs North and South ... because that's not at all confusing).

Ed's music trivia consists of a DJ playing a small snippet of a song and participating teams get points for naming the artist and song title. And then for the final round teams match off face to face and whoever shouts out the song title fastest wins. My team made the mistake of sending me up to bat because I lost on a Britney Spears song ... to a dude!

In between rounds, you can munch off the menu that includes turkey nuts -- which are real, actual turkey nuts. I was almost tempted to order them out of utter curiosity, but it didn't feel right (not to mention tasty by any means) as I'm a Virginia Tech Hokie. A Hokie Bird is a male neutered turkey -- I couldn't bring myself to eat my alma mater's mascot's ball.

Also on Wednesday is Disco night at The Garden and Gun Club in the N.C. Music Factory. DJ Andy Kastanas made me feel like I was in Studio 54 (or least what I'd imagine it being considering I've never actually been there). The digital disco ball was like an amusement park light show; it changes colors, explodes and turns into swirling fire flies. I felt like I had just taken Benadryl or something -- very Alice in Wonderland. But hands down -- the biggest dance floor in Charlotte, which is perfect for me considering my friends think I'm a hazard when I go out dancing.

On Hump Day they serve $1 well drinks and $1 beers, and the bartender was so diligent he rubber-banded a cocktail napkin around my beer to act as a makeshift koozie. And for the record, just because The G & G plays house music and is well decorated, does not make it a gay bar.

Also Hump Day (or night rather) is Wino Wednesdays at Dolce Vita, Biker Night at Mac's, Open Mic Night at Comet Grill, Pop Life at Apostrophe Lounge, The Rusty Rudder recently started a karaoke night and then there's the battle of the college nights -- Suite in one corner and Forum in the other.

Wednesday is Media Night at The Gin Mill. Last time I was there, T-Bone from WFNZ and John Knicely from FOX made up a new dance they titled "The Brittney" in which you dance while texting ... it's an acquired skill, really.

You can see pictures of the boys doing this dance and also read about the shenanigans at Second String Santa, Beards BeCAUSE, the opening of Mez and the EpiCentre Theaters, the Beauty Bar Crawl, Turkey Fest and the opening of Red Lion Tavern in the Ayrsley Town Center at in the QC After Dark category.

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