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Theater: Getting dumped

Wednesday, March 26



What exactly do women want? Comedic tour-de-force Robert Dupac tries to answer this age-old question in The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron? Our hero Bobby has just been dumped by the girl of his dreams. In a state of confusion and desperation, our hero sets out on a journey to find out why it all went wrong. Bobby soon realizes that all he thought he knew about women did not actually come from his experience with women, but rather five chauvinist males. He comes to the conclusion that most of what he has been taught is wrong. But will his epiphany help him to change his ways? Don't miss this hilarious Off-Broadway show. March 25-29, 8 p.m., March 30, 3 p.m. Booth Playhouse 130 N. Tryon St. 704-372-1000.


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