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The Year in Review: Comic books



OK, 2009 is quickly coming to a close -- and as it does, every comic book geek is asking: "What were the best comics of the year?" Here's my take:

Chew -- Definitely my favorite book of the year, this title has a great concept -- and it was executed with action, humor, smarts and a serious gross-out factor.

Blackest Night -- Blackest Night -- not Final Crisis or Secret Invasion -- showed folks how a blockbuster "event" comic should really be done.

Beasts of Burden -- This was a surprising hit, combining the cuteness of an illustrated children's book with the horror of a Stephen King novel.

Wednesday Comics -- DC hit big with this weekly comic, which mimicked the format of those full-page newspaper strips from back in the day -- and proved that some formerly lame characters (like Kamandi) could actually be cool.

Sweet Tooth -- Vertigo might have another Preacher on its hands with this post-apocalyptic adventure of a human/animal hybrid boy and his tough-as-nails partner.

Captain Britain and MI13 -- Before Marvel canceled this comic, it was the company's best team book; it was intelligent, intricately plotted, nicely paced and character-centric -- which is rare for a superhero comic.

Drunk and The Goon vs. Dethklok -- These two titles were just one-shots, but they were stellar nonetheless. Drunk -- a graphic novel about bar stories -- was just a great idea. And The Goon vs. Dethklok was so funny it had me pissing in my pants.

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