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If someone asked me how much live music I witnessed this year — in my role as Creative Loafing's music editor -- I'm not sure I'd have a clear-cut answer.

If we're talking about concerts, I'd guess I attended more than 100. If we're talking about the number of bands -- including local and national artists at various Charlotte-area venues and at spots across the country (like Voodoo Festival in New Orleans and Bonnaroo) -- it's easily more than 200 total this year.

So, how could I possibly sum all of that up? I'm not sure that I can. Instead, I've put together this collection of roughly 70 photos (in this week's paper and online at from some of the concerts I attended in 2009.

From the first show that I went to in January -- Nicolette Emanuelle, The Hot House Hefftones and S.O.Stereo at The Evening Muse -- through the festivals, summer concerts at outdoor amphitheaters, small clubs, large indoor venues ... it was a long year full of variety. Narrowing down the shots wasn't easy either. For each photo that you see here, I probably have another 20 from that show or of that band that I didn't pick for this edition. Hey, maybe one day I'll write a book.

Anyway, I hope these photos showcase a bit of the variety of music and performers that I was lucky enough to see and hear at close range over the last year -- the sweat, the screams, the intensity, the enjoyment -- all through the lens of my camera.

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