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The Wildest Ways to Advertise in the South



Advertising has come a long way in the last few decades. With the rapid development of new technologies and the vast changes occurring within all realms of society, marketing strategies are doing whatever they can to keep up. Particularly in the South, which is becoming a cultural and commercial hub of the United States, new and creative forms of advertising are popping up and gaining attention (which is exactly what they aim to do). But what are some of the wildest, most effective ways to advertise in the South? Here’s a short and sweet list of some of the most compelling new methods you might just want to try out for yourself.


No matter how up-and-coming a given city or neighborhood is: facts are facts, and the fact is, billboards are highly effective forms of advertisement. For cities that get a lot of through traffic, like Orlando or Nashville, billboards can reach not only those living in the area but customers far and wide as well. With today’s technology, there are many options for combined outdoor and digital marketing campaigns. Whether you use LED displays or just incorporate websites or links into your design, you have the perfect recipe for more eyes and ultimately more interest. Charlotte billboards, in particular, also do a great job of theming, using placement and city knowledge to their advantage. Ultimately, billboards are classics for a reason. The key these days is to up the ante and work to incorporate the 21st century into your outdoor ad, especially within the rising South.

Street Furniture

Of course, billboards aren’t the only surfaces up for grabs in Southern cities. It’s becoming more and more common to utilize anything and everything in the public space for concerted advertising efforts. Street benches, bus shelters, public transport, the list goes on. Each and every surface where people gather is an opportunity for marketing. Public transportation marketing is a fantastic strategy because it’s so mobile. The ability to target an audience across a city and not in just one place is truly an effective method. However, another great option for cities like Dallas and Miami, which both receive a lot of air traffic, is to advertise directly in airports. This allows you to cast a wide net as far as potential customers go, even reaching into international markets. When choosing southern locales for any sort of marketing, you’ll definitely want to keep travelers and tourists in mind as well.


Advertising has always been somewhat of a mix of business and art, but this is especially true with wallscapes. Wallscapes are typically large-scale ads that take the form of murals, paintings, or other artistic expressions. In the South, subtleties have always been in vogue and nowadays everyone around the world has started taking form into consideration just as much as function. Keeping these two important elements in mind, wallscapes are a quintessential example of modern advertising. They are typically more subtle in their approach yet if done well, they can actually become icons in a particular city. Coke-a-Cola’s murals are a prime example of how advertising can become art, and how in that way, it can be much more permanent than a poster or even a billboard. While wallscapes might be one of the trickiest forms of marketing to execute properly, the opportunities they bring are often well worth the risk, especially in the more artsy or urban cities of the South.


As its name suggests, wildposting might be one of the most creative forms of advertising out there, which makes it perfect for cities like Atlanta and Austin, cities with a younger vibe. Wildposting refers to the scattered and sometimes impromptu pasting of posters onto various city sites. Construction sites are a popular location for wildposting as they naturally allow for a variety of locations and populations. Wildposting has a bit of a gritty feel to it, which can be great for innovative or unconventional products or businesses. Sticker marketing is also a form of wildposting that is extremely effective in large cities. Giving out stickers with your company name or logo is a great way to potentially get free advertising with the help of your valued customers. Both wildposting and sticker marketing are great ways to get your name out there.

Guerrilla Marketing

Last, but not least on this list is another highly creative and somewhat in-your-face technique. Guerrilla marketing, while actually quite diverse in nature, refers to people-to-people, surprise marketing. Anything like the handing out of flyers to a flash mob in the park can be considered guerilla marketing. Its main aim is to make a splash for the company while simultaneously making a strong impression on prospective customers. It’s definitely one of the wilder techniques out there, but there’s no doubt it’s memorable and effective if done right. This is another method of advertising that is easily combined with digital efforts with the sharing of videos after the fact or even by including the public in the stunts themselves. If you’re advertising in a more avant-garde location like New Orleans or Jackson, this is a great option. Here’s hoping you go viral!


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