The Wiggle Wagons, Andy the Doorbum, Can't Kids, Bo White

When: Fri., Oct. 21 2011

ANDY THE DOOR BUM Creator of folk-thrash gems The Doorbooth Album, Mt. Holly Sessions and Art Is Shit, Andy Fenstermaker has a new full-length album in the can, and it’s a stunner. While there’s no mistaking whose gravel-voiced ruminations on God, nature, psychedelics, love, art, moonshine and the Fall of Man these are, the new one focuses AtDB’s melodic talents like never before. Ballads, sea shanties, country death marches, hooch-fueled sing-alongs — The Man Killed the Bird, and with the Bird He Killed the Song, and with the Song, Himself will please AtDB’s fan base, and ought to pull in new ones by the metric ton. With Wiggle Wagons, Can’t Kids and Bo White on the second night of the Milestone’s 42nd Anniversary shindig. (John Schacht)

Price: $5-$7

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