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The War At Home

Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina, whose district includes the Beaufort restaurant that renamed its french fries "freedom fries," led the charge in Congress on the pressing issue of nationalistic food names. In response to the French government's opposition to American plans to invade Iraq, the House cafeteria last week changed the name of its own french fries to freedom fries and its french toast to "freedom toast."

(Just a quick reminder: Members of the US House of Representatives make $155,000 per year, paid by your taxes.)

Rep. Jones may have opened a can of worms, however. Considering that nearly every other country on the planet opposes the Bush administration's war plans, many other culinary monikers may need to be changed. In response to this crisis, the non-profit Coalition for Food/War Consistency has suggested the following list of new names for foods and beverages associated with what they call "Traitor Nations":

White Russian -- Liberty Liquor

Sauerkraut -- Invasion Cabbage

Belgian Waffles -- Democracy Donuts

Swedish Meat Balls -- Bush Balls

Danish Ham -- Superpower Pig Rump

Irish Potatoes -- Smart Bombs

Chinese Food -- Condoleeza Rice

Scotch -- Oil

Turkey -- International Bully Bird

Canadian Bacon -- Cheney Ham

Chile -- Aggressor Pepper

"War," an art exhibit at the Carillon Building downtown, based on imagery of aerial bombing in Afghanistan, was taken down over the weekend as a result of complaints from the building's tenants. Ironically, one of the building's tenants is the Arts & Science Council, although there's no indication that anyone from the ASC complained about the artwork. One woman who found the artwork disturbing was quoted in the daily paper as saying, "people have enough on their minds." We agree. The artist should have at least included some pretty flowers or maybe some puppies amid the war imagery so the folks with "enough on their minds" could be soothed (since that is, after all, art's only real function) and not have to think about actions taking place, in their name, in other parts of the world. Happy art is good art. Art that makes you think should be hidden away in museums, out of the view of the general public. And day is night, black is white, war is peace, etc., etc.

Davidson College students took part in a live, 90-minute, televised dialogue with students at University of Bagdhad. The Iraqi students are against a US invasion of their country. Most of the Davidson students agreed.

A weekly peace vigil in Charlotte drew more people than ever on Saturday despite the pouring rain, and on Sunday night hundreds of people gathered for a candlelight vigil for peace.

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