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The Walking Dead No. 47

Published by Image Comics. Written by Rober Kirkman. Pencils and inks by Charlie Adlard.




The Deal: The Walking Dead, as you may know, is Image Comics' popular comic book about life after a zombie infestation has wrecked the world. This issue, the "No One is Safe" storyline marches on. And along the way, Kirkman and Co. claim a few more lives -- setting the stage for even more blood, guts and carnage next month. In other words, TWD just keeps serving up wholesome family entertainment.

The Good: Kirkman set out to shake things up with the current story arc ... and brother, is he doing just that. Of course, it would be false to say that this book's writer is just trying to kill off a bunch of characters; I mean, he is, but "No One is Safe" has been more than that. In this issue especially, Kirkman is taking time to explore facets of characters we've come to know, and he's effectively recasting at least some of them as complete bastards. All in all, when the smoke has cleared, readers will be left with a group of characters who seem more realistic than ever (or as realistic as you can seem in a comic book about zombies). On the art side, Adlard treats us to more of his effortlessly beautiful pages. I'm really digging how he's using shadows to hide facial expressions this month -- the technique strangely exposes even more of a character's emotions.

The Bad: I'm pissed that Kirkman is killing so many characters I love (such as a certain tough black dude -- see TWD No. 46), but that's what this comic is all about.

The Verdict: TWD is gruesome, ruthless, heartless and unforgiving. Don't you just love it?

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